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                                                                  Just be…

                                                                  Be you

                                                               Just be you…


                                                             Just beautiful

Dasein Petals © Copyright 2013

Doing the write thing

Doing the write thing

Hi, I am Dasein Petals.

I believe life is for doing what you love; not just loving what you do.

Thus, I write and perform poetry.

I am currently conducting a poetrython whereby I seek to write 99 poems within 99 days.

Please sponsor my poetrython so I can raise money for Operation Smile, a charity which provides free reconstructive surgery to children born with facial deformities.

Check my sponsorship page here and keep up to date with my poems and progress here.

Thank you for your kind support.

#99poems @DaseinPetals


Through Thick and Thin

Paradise Found

Song and Dance

A Grey Rose For My Love

False Start

L.A.F.S (Love At First Sight)

Digital Lover

True Love Never Dries

God Bless The Holy St( )Raw

The GOOD Life

Later this year I will be publishing my first collection as an e-book.

To receive a free download when released, enter your email in the subscribe box on the left, above.

Until our imaginations next meet…


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