Workshops/Outreach Work

The skills of creative thinking, writing and performing can boost an individual’s ability to prosper in various situations in life. From the classroom to the workplace, the world is now, more than ever, in need of a surge in creative thinking.


I run performances and workshops in schools across the country (UK) with children of all ages, consulting with teachers and providing tailored offerings for each class/workshop.  (I am also available for international bookings).

If you want to give your pupils a boost of imagination, appreciation of language and improved self-confidence, please email:

PLEASE NOTE: Though some of the content on this website may be aimed at an adult audience, all workshops with children will be void of inappropriate language.

I also run workshops in hospitals and rehabilitation centres- particularly working with those recovering from mental illness, allowing them to discover the healing power of  unearthing their own creativity.

If you are a small, medium or large business/organization seeking to boost your personnel’s communication skills for conferences, pitches and presentations, I provide tailored performance workshops to boost ability, confidence and effectiveness in a fun, relaxed and creative environment.

Get in touch and discover what can be achieved.


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