On this page I will be posting 99 poems within 99 days starting from the 5th of March 2013, raising money to provide operations free of charge to children born with facial deformities.

Please sponsor my poetrython and put a smile on the face of a needy child.

#99poems @DaseinPetals

Check out my poems below:

(Poem 1): The Steep Climb to a Fresh Start

(Poem 2): Searching For An Epiphany

(Poem 3): A Love Intense

(Poem 4): Butterfly Wings

(Poem 5) Keep Going

(Poem 6) The Secret to Success in 21st Century Leadership

(Poem 7) What the (readers of) papers say…

(Poem 8) Don’t think it’s all about one thing

(Poem 9) An Apple for Lunch

(Poem 10) Sweat Showers

(Poem 11) Ladies First…

(Poem 12) If Only Men Knew…

(Poem 13) Worship

(Poem 14) Cleansed

(Poem 15) Mirror Facing the Future

(Poem 16) Eternal Summer

(Poem 17) When You Have A C**k For A Brain

(Poem 18) Green Peas or Green Skittles?

(Poem 19) Strawberries And I

(Poem 20)Love…And All That Jazz

(Poem 21) A World At Peace

(Poem 22) Unhealthy Shopping Habits

(Poem 23) Don’t Blame It On The Scottish Wind

(Poem 24) Crashing Back Down To Earth

(Poem 25) Made For City Girls

(Poem 26) While Mummy Was Away

(Poem 27) Read for Freedom

(Poem 28) Women Give Warmth

(Poem 29) Infinite Sweetness

(Poem 30) Like a Still of Turbulent Passion

(Poem 31) Sunshine Powercut

(Poem 32) Watering The Seed

(Poem 33) Reminiscence Airways

(Poem 34) The Transformation Of Mr Tin

(Poem 35) Universal Melody

(Poem 36) A Bumble Bee Called…

(Poem 37) Love And So Called Friends

(Poem 38) Three Times A Loser

(Poem 39) The Wrong End Of The Sugar Cane

(Poem 40) Death Of A Poet

(Poem 41) Why Write Poetry?

(Poem 42) Mirrors

(Poem 43) Dr Faith

(Poem 44) Idiots Run The Show

(Poem 45) Stronger

(Poem 46) Internal

(Poem 47) Divorce

(Poem 48) The Key

(Poem 49) A Restaurant Called Paradise

(Poem 50) Echoes

(Poem 51) Embrace

(Poem 52) Circus Of The Faithless

(Poem 53) The Couch

(Poem 54) Liberal Lies

(Poem 55) The Sculptor’s Tongue

(Poem 56) Dead

(Poem 57) Memories

(Poem 58) Kung Fu Dervish Writer Man

(Poem 59) Humbleness

(Poem 60) Still Missing You

(Poem 61) Get Out!

(Poem 62) Help!

(Poem 63) Unveiled

(Poem 64) The Sleeping Oracle

(Poem 65) Difficulties

(Poem 66) Identity Crisis

(Poem 67) An Artist & Lover

(Poem 68) Dead End

(Poem 69) Age Is Nothing But A Number

(Poem 70) Change For The Better Is On The Way

(Poem 71) What Do Virginity And Hope Have In Common?

(Poem 72) Keep It Simple Stupid

(Poem 73) Obstacles On The Path

(Poem 74) For Love Of Course (The Writer’s Secret)

(Poem 75) Escape

(Poem 76) Triangle Of Transcendence

(Poem 77) Ink Never Dries

(Poem 78) Changing Face

(Poem 79) All That Matters

(Poem 80) Daddy Used To Say

(Poem 81) Only A Woman Real

(Poem 82) My Good Friends

(Poem 83) Better Together

(Poem 84) Keeping Up

(Poem 85) Home

(Poem 86) Scribbles (Part 1)

(Poem 87)  Live


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