Only A Woman Real (Poem 81 of 99)

I don’t want a Photoshopped girl

Because beauty is in the detail that even the devil misses

I want to kiss the lids of your tired eyes

And see from under them come the breaking of day

I want to lick your spots clean;

especially your G spot

I want to see tangles of loose hair falling on your temples

Inviting me ever so subtly to worship at the altar of your heart.

And when the sun goes down, I will too

Fading the darkness of your melancholy

As radiant stars and magical moonlight guide me

To the juicy sweet vista where every man’s tongue must enter

If he is to experience the joy of this thing we call life.

Only a woman real, only a woman real

The feel of flesh heating; the intensity of a heart beating

The sweat departing from pores,

the cracked tooth smile not sold in fashion stores

Only a woman real

Dasein Petals © Copyright 2013

Poem 81 of 99 to raise money for operations for deformed, poverty stricken childrenSponsor me.

@DaseinPetals #99poems


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