Still Missing You (Poem 60 of 99)

When you departed you took,

In your luggage, memories of my childhood

With you.

I was awaiting your return so keenly,

A return to stage not to Creator.

Now that you are gone

The birds don’t sing as joyfully

The sun has been shaved of degrees too many

The smiles of children are wide not so much





All belonged to you bonded

By the harmonies you sang.

But like the diamonds on the white glove you wore

Your soul will shine eternal

And I’ve already booked my ticket to THIS IS IT! The Paradise Version

bought by the currency of kindness and compassion

which you encouraged us all to spend.

Dasein Petals 

© Copyright 2013

Poem 60 of 99 to raise money for operations for deformed, poverty stricken children.  Please sponsor me.

@DaseinPetals #99poems


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