Humbleness (Poem 59 of 99)

When the wind gets in my head it messes everything up

Blowing the debris of a crashed ego into the corner of my eyes

Blocking vision peripheral, narrowing my scope of sight

Inverting my pyramid of power thoughts

How do I get the wind out of my head?

It blows my mind in a different kind of way

So I’m trying to find the centre of my equator,

Where calmness sings,

And meditate not medicate

But the pressure gets high and the pressure gets low

And the winds speeds up, and with a with a greater force blows

So I get down on my knees, put palms to ground

And forehead too; almost fetal

And let the wind blow past me

Until it is safe to rise again.

Dasein Petals 

© Copyright 2013

Poem 59 of 99 to raise money for operations for deformed, poverty stricken children.  Please sponsor me.

@DaseinPetals #99poems


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