Sunshine Powercut (Poem 31 of 99)

I never wanted to die; I never wanted to hurt myself; I never wanted it to be this way

I somehow ended up buying a rope called love; attached one end to your heart

And put the other round my neck

Then you jerked away at full speed as I was turned the other way.

Where to now?

No head on my shoulders

Little life left in me at all

I try and pick myself up for some hope but these boulders of memories keep crashing down on me

I’m just going to stay down here now and blow in the wind like a fallen leaf from a tree

Till I am dried, crusted and crumpled, to be crushed by the passing feet of  a stranger named Lonely

You have closed a mind open

Slashed the Mona Lisa

Arsoned the Taj Mahal

But you won’t know the consequences until dusk falls suddenly

 Like a powercut to your sunshine love

As happens to all of your kind…

 Dasein Petals © Copyright 2013

Poem 31 of 99 to raise money for operations for deformed, poverty stricken childrenSponsor me.

@DaseinPetals #99poems


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