Love…And All That Jazz (Poem 20 of 99)

Bird chirp kisses, water drop kisses, sweet lipped kisses

loving lip to lip, on your neck, forehead and of course

a kiss of your waterfall-in-a-desert eyes

with every smile that says thank you

for being, just being.


With my heart on my fingertips I answer

the call of desire below your navel

With my heart on my lips and tongue I

feed you the fruits from God’s own

grapevine: firm at first touch …

then gentle, moist and sweet.


Kisses, caresses, licks and…


Strokes of your hair make the saxophones

serenade; a glass of wine is poured every time my lips

massage your chest through the satin;

 and a rose blooms in every corner of the world

every time our foreheads touch, our eyes lock and my fingers

juice you below.

Dasein Petals © Copyright 2013


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