Cleansed (Poem 14 of 99)

With Sense beneath the ash and Ego under the throne

I sent my Mother to the brothel

to pay for my place in the One Percent.

I put my Mother on a pole;

stripped her of all resources natural

and enslaved her faithful children

to make leisure time coffee for my nameless, faceless lovers

around the globe

who throw spare change at her as she twists and turns

for survival,

brewing  the fuel of their social lives.

I strapped my Mother with explosives and

sent her to detonate on the Holy Land’s Walk of Fame, where

the stars of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad lay cemented…

under the towers of new profits.

But I awoke this morning to see my Lover heartbroken at the whoreific carnage

I , Man, have caused.


Blindfolded by my perception of other men’s perception of me,

I destroyed Her in the hope of cultivating self.

But without Woman there is no Man

and though Mother Nature may be comatose

I received today a new understanding of ancient Divine Revelation:

If Man is to restore the landscape of bliss 

Then I must turn to my Lover with kisses, caresses

and caramel soft clutches,

then  make ablution under the Holy Water 

of Her soft rosy cleft’s  dripping moisture

aroused by honest, sincere tongue


Dasein Petals © Copyright 2013

(Poem 14 0f 99 to raise money for operations for deformed, poverty stricken children). Sponsor me.

@DaseinPetals #99poems



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