Ladies First… (Poem 11 of 99) (#99poems)

Woman: So where do you li-?

Man: (Cutting her off) In my imagination.


Woman: Well…Can we go back to yours?

Man: We are already there. What do you want to do?

Woman: It’s your place. You tell me.

Man: (Staring into her eyes, serious and intense) Crawl underneath the table… unzip my fly… take hold in hand, then massage with tongue.

Woman: (Breaking eye contact, itching her neck) Eh…well…

Man: My place, remember? Now please, oblige your host.


Woman: (Abruptly) I think I’ll get going.

Man: (Gently, but shocked) Wait.

Woman: Your “place” will have to work harder to impress me.

Man: (Mockingly) Is that right? And what exactly do you require?

Woman: (With harsh sarcasm) Some more…furnishings for your guest, don’t you think?

Man: So you ask to come round, only to impose your demands?

Woman:  Never take up a woman’s offer if you are not willing to accommodate. Stretch your…imagination. I like men to be…bigger…where it really matters.

Man(Loudly) Ha ha ha

Woman: (Stands up to leave) Well then, goodbye to you too!

Man: (Quickly, as if desperate, becoming aware of the reality of the situation) What do you want?

Woman: The same as you.

Man: (Furtively) What… do you mean?

Woman: When you take a guest home don’t you offer them a drink before you start pouring for yourself?

Man: (Looks at her with pleasant intrigue, a smile slowly breaks out on his face) Hmm.

Woman: (Whispering seductively) So, crawl under the table…lift up my dress…roll down my underwear…and make me feel welcome…in your… imagination…while I finish this glass of wine.

Man: (Still smiling) I’ll order another bottle. Then you can spread your legs.

Woman: While the waiter brings it, please go and… rinse your mouth…thoroughly.

 Man suddenly drops the smile from his face.

Dasein Petals © Copyright 2013

(Poem 11 0f 99 to raise money for deformed children). Sponsor me?

@DaseinPetals #99poems


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