Butterfly Wings (Day 4 of #99poems)

Sober from the intoxication of fantasy, I see your eyes for what they really are

windows of a heavenly realm, so long from which I’ve been so far

magnet to your metal the distance between us fades

as you pick me out of the smothering shades

of a billion dark shadows of a million dark nights

which with your smile transform to the lights

of summer sun-rays which of warmth sing

and back to my senses, me, your love does bring

ever mystified by a woman’s ability to do this:

rescue a drowning man from the sea of deep blueness

 just as butterflies cannot with one wing fly

without the symmetry of you there is no I.

Dasein Petals © Copyright 2013

(This poem is 4th in a series of my #99poems poetrython. More information is available here).


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