The Steep Climb to a Fresh Start (#99poems Day One)

A cat has nine lives. A man has nine apologies.

Here I am on my 17th:

Thank God for the mercy of women.

Wishing there was a cancer for bad habits

I look into your eyes with another rainy summer sorry;

My mind has been on other things…

But I swear my hands have not been on other women:

too many boomerang caresses have come back to strangle me before.

Don’t give me that Tax Man stare: I’m keeping nothing from you

Swear I’ve never stray-walked in the Tiger Woods.

I may not make symmetry with even your lately autumn leaf standards

but I would never shop for honesty in second-hand stores.

And from that your trust should be enough to keep us going

One day at a time,

As we climb this mountain of recovery

Atop of which we will meet each other again

as if for the first time, eternally.

Dasein Petals © Copyright 2013

(This poem is the first in the series of my #99poems poetrython. More information is available here).


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