False Start

If sane is a box I am definitely insane

for thinking my selfish ways wouldn’t cause you pain

the umbrella of denial can’t protect me from the rain

of the shattered pieces of your broken heart

which cut deep like exploding shrapnel

into my conscience…


A four letter word beginning with L

is all I had on my mind

and I didn’t stop to think what you may have had

on yours.


When our bodies intertwined

under the intimate blanket of moonlit starry nights

                                          my racing heartbeats simply told me

there is definitely an US

in lust

but there is no US

in love.


I could lie inside you for a lifetime

but not to you for a second more

of how my heart has little more capacity

than for the winds of salacity

and as you sit and cry

I’m not sure if it’s you I don’t love

or myself I hate.

Dasein Petals © Copyright 2013


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